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Yoga by Cecilia de la Rocha

Typically 45-90 min. Yoga sessions 

Meditation - Breath work - Yoga postures

Find here a list of public yoga classes

like yoga studios, parks... instructed by Cecilia de la Rocha around San Fernando Valley



Yoga en Espanol

Estas clases estan enfocadas en liberar la mente, desbloquear el cuerpo y elevar tu energia divina en una clase de yoga que comienza temprano para comenzar y terminar la semana integrados y balanceados. - Fluimos suavemente integrado movimientos que van despertando el cuerpo y los sentidos, continuando con secuencias que ayudan el fluir de la energia en el cuerpo y terminando con una relajacion que junta todo lo aprendido para continuar la practica de la vida en tu dia. Cada semana los temas van cambiando para poder adentrarnos mas a la sabiduria del yoga para nuestra vida.

Ropa comoda, un tapete de yoga y muchas ganas de aprender y fortalecer la maravillosa practica del yoga 


Relax & Flow

We'll get together as a tribe (community) for a relaxing Moon Yoga Ceremony Cycle - where we explore the moon alignments and how we can use them in our favor to enlighten our path, - we flow in a moon YOGA sequence that supports our physical body and enriches the beautiful energy of our souls - and with a guided MEDITATION, we balance and center our mind, body and heart towards self-healing, a full sense of well-being and a vibrant heart that continues growing in harmony with love.

Comfortable dressed, a mat and enthusiasm to learn about the relationship between your body and the moon cycles.


G E N E R A L    I N Q U I R I E S


For registration assistance or questions please email us

Yoga By Cecilia de la Rocha

C A N C E L L A TI O N    P O L I C Y


- A 50% refund will be issued if cancelled 24 hours before the paid class.

- We are unable to accommodate refunds 24 hours after the paid class.

- The paid session class is not transferable.

You can also Secure your spot to any of my events by submitting your payment via:

1.- Venmo.

2.- Paypal.

For Paypal payments, please add a fee of:

$1 for a single class


I usually instruct mixed level and kids yoga classes in different studios around San Fernando Valley

  • Work with students of all ages, body types and fitness levels to develop customized programs and positional adjustments that increase skill, fitness, and wellbeing.

  • Teach students to explore yoga movement, breath, and meditation.

  • Classes can be instructed in English or Spanish

  • I teach student correct postures to ensure safety and benefits.

  • I address incorrect movements and repositioned students.

  • In the class I provide yoga instruction, including stretching (warm up), breath techniques, Yoga poses, Meditation, Mudras all accordingly to the group level. 

  • If you want to know about me, please take a moment to check my About.

  • If interested in this type of class, please give me your information here and I will contact you asap. 

Please stay posted for other future public yoga classes

  • For more information about Yoga Benefits you can visit my Why Yoga.

  • If interested in a class with me, look at my other yoga session options here


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