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Yoga by Cecilia de la Rocha

Typically 45-90 min. Yoga sessions 

Meditation - Breath work - Yoga postures

Find here a list of public yoga classes

like yoga studios, parks... instructed by Cecilia de la Rocha around San Fernando Valley


Relax & Flow

We'll get together as a tribe (community) for a relaxing Moon Yoga Ceremony Cycle - where we explore the moon alignments and how we can use them in our favor to enlighten our path, - we flow in a moon YOGA sequence that supports our physical body and enriches the beautiful energy of our souls - and with a guided MEDITATION, we balance and center our mind, body and heart towards self-healing, a full sense of well-being and a vibrant heart that continues growing in harmony with love.

Comfortable dressed, a mat and enthusiasm to learn about the relationship between your body and the moon cycles.


G E N E R A L    I N Q U I R I E S


For registration assistance or questions please email us

Yoga By Cecilia de la Rocha

C A N C E L L A TI O N    P O L I C Y


- A 50% refund will be issued if cancelled 24 hours before the paid class.

- We are unable to accommodate refunds 24 hours after the paid class.

- The paid session class is not transferable.

You can also Secure your spot to any of my events by submitting your payment via:

1.- Venmo.

2.- Paypal.

For Paypal payments, please add a fee of:

$1 for a single class


I usually instruct mixed level and kids yoga classes in different studios around San Fernando Valley

  • Work with students of all ages, body types and fitness levels to develop customized programs and positional adjustments that increase skill, fitness, and wellbeing.

  • Teach students to explore yoga movement, breath, and meditation.

  • Classes can be instructed in English or Spanish

  • I teach student correct postures to ensure safety and benefits.

  • I address incorrect movements and repositioned students.

  • In the class I provide yoga instruction, including stretching (warm up), breath techniques, Yoga poses, Meditation, Mudras all accordingly to the group level. 

  • If you want to know about me, please take a moment to check my About.

  • If interested in this type of class, please give me your information here and I will contact you asap. 

Please stay posted for other future public yoga classes

  • For more information about Yoga Benefits you can visit my Why Yoga.

  • If interested in a class with me, look at my other yoga session options here


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