You are what you think

“Easy to spot a yellow car when you are always thinking of a yellow car.

Easy to spot opportunity when you are always thinking of opportunity.

Easy to spot reasons to be mad when you are always thinking of being mad.

You become what you constantly think about. Watch yourself!”

The mind can be very tricky. But it up to us how we want it to behave because actually the mind is just an obedient tool that is waiting for our next instruction. The mind doesn’t differentiate from what is real or what is imagined. So the good news is that we’re able to tame the mind anyway that we desire. We need to train the mind to get use to positive ways of thinking. It’s a work-in that needs love, kindness and compassion to ourselves so the muscle of the mind will get stronger, and able to be clear for us.

The basic way used in yoga to tame the mind is through meditation and visualization. These practices can quiet and focus the mind, slow down anxieties or fears and calm the heart. The mind needs you to see yourself in the scene, so over time, you will be there and truly enjoy the feel of peace, joy, and contentment.

It will amaze you the day that we truly find out that we’re not our feelings or ideas, because they’re just waves in the mind. But we have to be careful because those waves are so attractive to the ego who wants to take control over us to lose touch of who we are. The ego needs us to surrender and have faith in our divine self in order for it to give up and we have our control back.

We need a consistent practice of taking control over the mind. Besides using the practices of meditation and visualizations, we also need to watch over our everyday incomes because what is in the memory will affect our actions, decisions and words. We can start by cleaning all negative outcomes like negative people, situations and activities. Diminish considerably or clear out from our life distracting outcomes like tv, phone, social media, and instead bring more silence, family talks, relaxing music, and positive books to read.

Slow down! think about what you say, stay present and choose how to react and respond on any outcome. Find the light in you heart and let it shine you path to be the best of you and automatically you will see yourself shining over the ones that you love with kindness and compassion. I invite you to be who you are today.

The light in me, recognizes the light in you,

Namaste - Cecilia de la Rocha

Cecilia de la Rocha is founder of Yoga By Cecilia de la Rocha, a creative and enthusiastic yoga instructor with professional training in hatha & anusara yoga. Always willing to share more with people in a different, loving & fun ways. Her teaching is an innovative fusion of yoga, metaphysics, mindfulness and shadow work that has taught many families, from moms to be, to kids, to adults of all ages and limitations, and to celebrities who want to incorporate yoga as part of their lifestyle. She loves to facilitate private and group workshops. For more information about her work, please visit:

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