Why Is it Important to Let Changes to Happen and Be Humble Through the Process?

“The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit” -Unknown

We all have a spark of the divine light within us that it’s waiting for us to pay attention to it. It’s is ready to spark joy anytime and everywhere. Maybe, it’s already there and we haven’t embraced it. It swirls around our life and body like a restless and joyful toddler looking for our attention. It can shine during the day or night, sleeping or awake, walking or running. It can spark for a second or as long as we allow it.

“Sometimes the strength within you is not a big fiery flame for all to see it is just a tiny spark that whispers ever so softly - you got this, keep going” - Unknown

This is us in our normal state. We have that skill in us that can take a matter of seconds and availability to transform our lives. But, it can also take a breath to let it pass through and not use it.

Our divine light is ready for change, transmutation, and shift in old patterns, move our irregularities, depressions, anxieties, sadness and everything that is not allowing us to live in our full potential.

“Transmutation: grapes must me crushed to make wine, diamonds form under pressure, olives are pressed to release oil, seeds grow in darkness. Whenever you feel crushed, under pressure, pressed, or in darkness, you’re in a powerful place of transformation and transmutation. Trust the process.” -Lalah Delia

“Be thankful for all the struggles you go through. They make you stronger, wiser and humble. Don’t let it break you, let it make you” - Unknown

We just need to be humble to allow this process to take its path and complete the desired transformation. With that same strength that makes our breath be alive, you can allow things to happen and act the way they need to be. And, we can trust that the universe it’s doing the best for you to complete this process. Then, just open your arms and heart to receive with unconditional love the fruits of the rebirth of the new you, with a powerful disposition to enjoy that spark of the divine light that was always there, waiting for you to bright.

“Be humble in heart and wise in response” - Ravi Zacharias

The light in me, recognizes the light in you,

Namaste - Cecilia de la Rocha

Cecilia de la Rocha is founder of Yoga By Cecilia de la Rocha, a creative and enthusiastic yoga instructor with professional training in hatha & anusara yoga. Always willing to share more with people in a different, loving & fun ways. Her teaching is an innovative fusion of yoga, metaphysics, mindfulness and shadow work that has taught many families, from moms to be, to kids, to adults of all ages and limitations, and to celebrities who want to incorporate yoga as part of their lifestyle. She loves to facilitate private and group workshops. For more information about her work, please visit: www.yogabyceciliadelarocha.com

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