Quiet our mind

Constantly, chit chatting is happening in our mind. As soon as we wake up, we start thinking about millions of things to do. All the thoughts start overlapping one over the other, next to another and so on. We try to refresh ourselves in the shower, with a nice breakfast but more ideas or thoughts come and go. As soon as we get into a next task our mind is so busy that we feel the need to get absorbed into something that can distract the mind. Usually, we get involved in negative habits: over eating, getting stock in overthinking, talking or over talking, making unnecessary use of screens, or even worse habits. We just feel the need to quiet the mind. It’s so busy! Has that happened to you? Do you relate?

So later, the mind has turned into a burden because we believe that without it there is nothing: no ideas, no life. But, the mind is actually the contrary of all these. The mind is a tool, just that: a useful tool. Just like any physical part of our body, the mind is meant to do its functions (saving memories and knowledge, organizing thoughts and ideas). But, we have given it so much importance that we haven’t figured out how to quiet it when it takes overpower on us. If we just command the mind to get quiet, the mind will do so. As simple as that. We should work to have a balance. We need to balance the heart, body and mind; thinking that the mind is only used when needed.

A nice way to practice this is by looking at our days as a breathing rhythm that goes along our day.

  1. As soon as we wake up take a exhale with a 5 min quiet meditation,

  2. Then, inhale by getting ourselves ready (shower, change..) putting down in our agenda all the to do list of the day and clever or fun ideas to do,

  3. Now, exhale during breakfast, maybe with a cup of tea or coffee,

  4. And now is time to continue with an inhale with the first thing to do (work, kids, exercise, whatever you have in your to do list),

  5. Now, take a break with an exhale with a 5 min meditation. This helps a lot!

  6. And so on,

I think you got the idea. By following this rhythm we can be able to flow letting the mind know who is in charge and how we want it to function.

The art of flowing with the breath can quiet the mind without effort. It’s just a matter of willingness and consistency. Later, we can be able just to observe with detachment the mind as a tool of our beautiful reality. The mind should be under the service of the heart.

*If you know that this might help someone, please share :)

The light in me, recognizes the light in you,

Namaste - Cecilia de la Rocha

Cecilia de la Rocha is founder of Yoga By Cecilia de la Rocha, a creative and enthusiastic yoga instructor with professional training in hatha & anusara yoga. Always willing to share more with people in a different, loving & fun ways. Her teaching is an innovative fusion of yoga, metaphysics, mindfulness and shadow work that has taught many families, from moms to be, to kids, to adults of all ages and limitations, and to celebrities who want to incorporate yoga as part of their lifestyle. She loves to facilitate private and group workshops. For more information about her work, please visit:www.yogabyceciliadelarocha.com

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