Fire Burns & Breakthrough to Let go and Bring Life

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Today, I'm moving from the last week topic, the flowing water into the inspiring and strong fire. They are opposites but at the same time so similar. They are always flowing and changing so powerfully. But, one of them is moving smooth and gentle, while the other one is strong and able to destroy to bring life back again.

As summer is around the corner, we can be connected to this feeling of heat and power of the sun going through our skins making us feel warm until sweat, and makes us feel the need to get balance by finding some freshness.

One of the magical things about our bodies is that it can heal, restore, and change anyway we decide. In this case, yoga teaches us with the chakras that our bodies are always giving us clues and signs to pay attention. If we are weak, let's say, we have a chance by looking, reviewing, and transforming the patterns and habits that aren’t good for our body, mind, and soul. Manipura, the third chakra related to self-confidence, the sun, the heat, and represented by the element of fire teaches us how to bring back that self-confidence that can transform anything.

Manipura is the core energy of our central body. It’s exactly located underneath your diaphragm, underneath the rib cage and above your belly button. This area of your body is focus into everything in life that needs to be digested and balanced. The issue is that we aren't taught or we aren't practicing a healthy way to process life, ideas, facts, or issues. Then is when people starts getting physical problems like digestion issues, weakness, and low self confidence.

It’s our responsibility to bring balance into our life. The heat can burn, but can also be controlled to transform and bring life. The sun can bring life to the planet earth by giving plants, fruits, vegetables for any living beings. Like the sun, we can control our center / our sun, as the core of our own universe. Too much heat might bring uncomfort, inflammation, but a balance heat can bring strength and power; knowing that we are beautiful, that we can make changes, that we are able to do exactly what we need to do in this life for our dreams. This will helps us to find a way to guide the purpose our life through its heat to warm it up, maneuver it, and create much more amazing experiences for us.

My question will be, do we have the courage to breakthrough old patterns, habits, and feelings of low self confidence to find your own decisions and strength?

I invite you to fInd that warmth for life, and like the sun, be bright and alive. Receive information, digest it, and just let go what is needing to leave behind and take responsibility of your own decisions. Find your core, destroy old patterns, find your strength. Everyday is a new opportunity to breakthrough old patterns that doesn't belong to us and search our own essence, that can speak the truth from our heart and our power. Find the right moments to experience life in is particularly perfect and magical way, just perfect for you.

The light in me, recognizes the light in you,

Namaste - Cecilia de la Rocha

Cecilia de la Rocha is founder of Yoga By Cecilia de la Rocha, a creative and enthusiastic yoga instructor with professional training in hatha & anusara yoga. Always willing to share more with people in a different, loving & fun ways. Her teaching is an innovative fusion of yoga, metaphysics, mindfulness and shadow work that has taught many families, from moms to be, to kids, to adults of all ages and limitations, and to celebrities who want to incorporate yoga as part of their lifestyle. She loves to facilitate privates and group workshops. For more information about her work, please visit:

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