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Meditation - Breath work - Yoga postures - Games

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Every week kids can discover the options that yoga shares with us and the uniqueness of themselves. Every month we learn about different yoga poses, breathing technics that interact with the body, the mind and the emotions. As a yoga instructor I provide a structure and a foundation for lifetime that the kids will be unwrapping and developing  in each specific theme (ex. strength, imagination, self-awareness, self-care...) And at the same time parents can appreciate the organic development that each kid will be understanding about their minds, bodies and emotions.

Each class brings up a playful base yoga guidance for the kids to experience a balanced integration of mind and body awareness ;)


Registration requires commitment/investment to see results.



- To register, contact me (through the link below) adding your information and your child's name, age and your class interest commitment (monthly or single class).

- Then, you need to submit your payment to reserve your spot. I accept payments via Venmo, Paypal or deposit

(For other options, please let me know)

*Please confirm your kids assistance with your payment to secure his/her spot in the classes*

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C A N C E L L A TI O N    P O L I C Y


- A 50% refund will be issued if cancelled 24 hours before the paid class.

- We are unable to accommodate refunds 24 hours after the paid class.

- The paid session class is not transferable.

One-on-one 45 min. Yoga session 

Meditation - Breath work - Yoga postures - Games

Worldwide Sessions via INTERNET or at your LA home or Park

Why a Private Session?


Kids yoga helps children to connect with their bodies and senses in fun ways. Yoga enhance concentration, body balance and flexibility, boosts confidence, self-awareness and accept and express their feelings appropriately. Kids yoga is for all levels of experience and ages (ages from 3-13) and different kind of Physical conditions. Children practice yoga by having fun (play and imagination). They play exploring yoga thru movement, breath, and meditation.

A private session gets personalized attention. Together kids, parents, and instructor explore the practice of yoga and how it can benefit the kid depending on physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. It is convenient if we want to specify the practice depending on the child necessities. This is a great option if you have busy schedule because you can manage your own schedule (There is flexibility to add up to 5 extra people with an additional cost).

I work with individual clients and groups of all ages and all experience levels. Session can be instructed in English or Spanish, at the comfort of your home or workplace, as convenient. In the session I provide Yoga Instruction, including stretching (warm up), Breath techniques, yoga poses, meditation, mudras, and plenty of games all accordingly to each individual level. 

Besides, kids yoga can go to many places, to your school, to a birthday party, or even a playdate. This is a great opportunity to share the beautiful benefits of yoga since very young age.

  • If you want to know about me, please take a moment to check my About.

  • If interested in this type of class, please give me your information here and I will contact you asap. 

How this works?

To start you can contact me to tell me about:

  • for whom the private sessions are?

  • what are your looking for from a private yoga instruction? 

  • what is your level of experience with yoga?

  • what are your needs or necessities? 

  • what is the availability for both parties? 

  • what is intended frequency? 

  • how many number of sessions?


What to expect?

In our first session we will start talking for about more specific needs for the kid's yoga practice. We will have some activities, games or conversations with the child. We follow with prioritizing your needs so we have a broad idea and goals to archive with our sessions to go. We also talk about good homework ideas, strategies and specific ways to help you improve the yoga practice as part of a lifestyle.

Props are provide, but it is recommended that as a way for you to continue your practice at home, you should purchase your own set of props to use at your leisure.

*For more information about Yoga Benefits you can visit my Why Yoga.


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