Guided Meditation Session

Yoga by Cecilia de la Rocha

One-on-one 45 min. Meditation session 

Meditation - Breath work - Mudras

Sessions worldwide via INTERNET or at your LA home or workplace or park

Why a Private Session?

A private guided meditation session gets personalized attention. Together we explore the practice of meditation and how it can benefit you depending on your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. This is a great option if you have busy schedule because you can manage your own schedule.

Meditation practice can include relaxing visualization, breath work and mindful movement (There is flexibility to add up to 5 extra people with an additional cost).

I work with individual clients and groups of all ages and all experience levels. Session can be instructed in English or Spanish, at the comfort of your home or workplace, as convenient. In the session I could provide a guided meditation, a relaxing visualization, breath work, use of mudras (hand gestures) all accordingly to each individual level. 

  • If you want to know about me, please take a moment to check my About.

  • If interested in this type of class, please give me your information here and I will contact you asap. 

How this works?

To start you can contact me to tell me about:

  • for whom the private sessions are?

  • what are your looking for from a private meditation instruction? 

  • what is your level of experience with meditation?

  • what are your needs or necessities? 

  • what is the availability for both parties? 

  • what is intended frequency? 

  • how many number of sessions?


In our first session we will start talking for about more specific needs for your meditation practice. We will have a  meditation to get consciously grounded. We follow with prioritizing your needs so we have a broad idea and goals to archive with our sessions to go. We also talk about good homework ideas, strategies and specific ways to help you improve your meditation practice as part of your lifestyle.

I provide Props, but it is recommended that as a way for you to continue your practice at home, you should purchase your own set of props to use at your leisure.

*For more information about Yoga Benefits you can visit my Why Yoga.


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